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Journal of Addiction Research

About DCHQ

About DCHQ (Drug Control Headquarters)

A headquarter is established presided over by the president aimed at preventing addiction and combating drug trafficking in virtue of article 33 of the Anti-Narcotics Act approved by the Expediency Council on October 25, 1988. All judicial and executive operations as well as public awareness and prevention programs and publicityworks against narcotic drugs will be concentrated at the Headquarters.

Preventing addiction and combating drug trafficking including production, distribution, sale, purchase and consumption as well as the concentration of all judicial and executive operations, public awareness and prevention programs and publicityworks against narcotic drugs

DCHQ members

1-    The President, Head of DCHQ  
2-    Attorney General
3-    Interior Minister
4-    Intelligence Minister
5-    Health Minister
6-    Education Minister
7-    IRIB President
8-    Police Chief
9-    Head of Tehran Islamic Revolutionary Court
10-    Head of Prisons' Organization
11-    Commander of Basij Voluntary Force
12-     Minister of Culture and Islamic Guidance

DCHQ obligations
Policy-making, planning, coordination, supervision, etc. covering all aspects including:
-    Combating drug entry into the country;
-    Combating the drug supply;
-    Cultural affairs, publicity works, public awareness and demand reduction
-    Treatment and rehab

The above-mentioned activities are carried out through designating and approving executive, judicial, cultural, publicity work, educational, preventive and research strategies covering all dimensions of drug control;
Designating and approving required strategies for the involvement of the private sector and cooperatives in setting up vocational training centers, employment, supportive and counseling services, public awareness, establishing public charities, treatment clinics and rehab centers aimed at creating national resolve for preventing addiction
Approving by-laws as well as projects offered by judicial and executive organs and other relevant bodies
Approving DCHQ annual budget and oversight of the allocated funds
Coordination among judicial and executive organs and elimination of existing impediments
Oversight of the proper enforcement of law and providing amendments or enacting needed legislations
Evaluating the performance of organs membering DCHQ
Adopting other needed measures or decisions in the fieldof drug control

DCHQ structure
DCHQ foundations
The Drug Control Headquarters (DCHQ) is based on the following pillars in order to accomplish its mission:
Head of DCHQ (president) and vice-chairman of the headquarters
Secretary General of the Drug Control Headquarters
Technical committees

DCHQ secretariat
Drug control coordination councils in provinces

Head of DCHQ
The President as Head of DCHQ enjoys all authorities for preventing addiction and combating drug trafficking
Appointment of DCHQ Secretary General
The president can independently or upon proposal by the vice-chairman of the headquarters appoint the Secretary General of DCHQ for a period of five years. His reappointment is permissible and he holds the rank of a vice-president.

Obligations of DCHQ Secretary General
Coordination for holding sessions as well as submitting the ratifications and their follow-up
Presiding over all bureaus affiliated to DCHQ secretariat
Oversight of the proper implementation of duties of thesecretariat within the framework of DCHQ ratifications and regulations
Enjoying all rights and authorities within the framework of regulations for running the affairsof the secretariat as well as the appointment and dismissal of the secretariat staff
Referral of plans to relevant committees in case of need
Oversight of DCHQ expenditures within the framework of approved funds
Submitting directives and oversight of the proper implementation of the ratifications
Oversight of activities by the technical committees
Considering all plans examined by the technical committees and submitting them to the joint committee
Other related issues

DCHQ secretariat
DCHQ secretariat is an organizational unit that has been set up in accordance with relevant rules and regulations in order to examine, supervise, follow-up, inspect, evaluate and consider drug control plans and offer necessary proposals on issues related to research, cultural affairs, publicity work, public awareness, international cooperation, etc.The secretariat is considered as an independent government institute under the president.
The secretariat staff are considered as official civil servants.

Obligations of DCHQ secretariat
1-    Examining plans, making short-term, medium-term and long-term planning, preparing, supervising, follow-up, inspecting and examining the activities by the technical committees
2-    Necessary coordination and follow-up for organizing sessions, preparing the agenda and follow-up for the implementation of DCHQ ratifications
3-    Examining, supervising, follow-up, inspecting and evaluating the proper implementation of duties and regulations related to the campaign against addiction and drug trafficking as well as drawing a conclusion of reports and detecting points of weakness and strength based on experts' views and submitting them to DCHQ
4-    Examining the existing legislations and providing necessary amendments
5-    Expanding bilateral and multilateral cooperation at regional and international levels through relevant authorities and offering appropriate solutions
6-    Organizingdomesticseminars for promoting coordination among drug control authorities
7-    Oversight of activities by the private sector and cooperatives covering various aspects of drug control
8-    Organizing interviews with relevantauthorities in order to shed light on activities carried out in the field of drug control
9-    Jointcooperation with organizations and ministries in order to promote cultural activities
10-    Offering appropriate solutions concerning the proper implementation of DCHQ ratifications in the field of international affairs and paving the way for holding regional conferences upon approval by the head of DCHQ  
11-    Formulating draft MoUs at bilateral and multilateral levels, international treaties and agreements and oversight of the proper implementation of agreements, MoUs and bilateral and multilateral cooperation projects, etc. and providing reports for DCHQ
12-    Offering proposals to the head of DCHQ concerning the members of delegations departing for regional and international conferences and seminars and making the necessary arrangements in this regard
13-    Making necessary coordination for establishing links with countries, internationalorganizations and forums in order to prepare grounds for cooperation in the field of of drug control at regional and international levels and attracting assistance such as scientific and technical assistance, equipment, etc.
14-    Reflecting the country'sdrug control activities to international bodies upon approval by DCHQ
15-    Follow-up and oversight of plans for combating addiction and drug trafficking by foreign nationals inside the country and examining drug-related offenses by Iranian nationals outside the country and providing reports to DCHQ
16-    Examining projects and conducting research, coordination, follow-up, supervision and evaluation of the implementation of research projects
17-    Creation of a centralized data bank coveringvarious aspects of drug control and providing analyses and reports to competent authorities
18-    Providing reports concerning plans received by the secretariat and offering them to the relevant committees
19-    Examining, oversight, follow-up, inspection and evaluation of the progress made with respect to the implementation of projects, approved plans and offering reports to DCHQ
20-    Formulating the draft annual budget and oversight of the expenditures
21-    Holding an account of the revenues and expenditures andproposing the required fund allocation for the secretariat
22-    Supervision, follow-up and inspection concerning the detection and collection of assets and the use of the said assets as stipulated by the law in accordance with DCHQ ratifications as well as supervision, inspectionand evaluation of the sale of confiscated assets
23-    Implementing administrative, financial and logistical duties and other general affairs related to various bureaus at the secretariat
24-    Conducting necessary measures for protecting documents, facilities and premises as well as personnel security and preventing any act of criminality in this regard
25-    Providing DCHQ with regular reports concerning the situationof drug control covering various areas such as the implementation of projects, ongoing activities, etc.
26-    Other issues in accordance with regulations

Departments at DCHQ secretariat
Deputy for international affairs and combating the drug supply
General bureau for combating the drug supply
Office for international relations
General bureau for assets, properties and the central commission for sale

Deputy for demand reduction and developing public participation
General bureau for prevention and cultural affairs
General bureau for treatment, rehab and vocational training
     General bureau for public participation and NGOs

Deputy for administrative, financial and parliamentary affairs

General bureau for financial affairs
General bureau for administrative and logistical affairs
                General bureau for legislations and legal affairs

Office of DCHQ Secretary General
Office for Security
Office for Public Relations
Office for Inspection and Coordination of Provincial Affairs
Office for Planning
Center for Research and Training

World Drug Day on 26 June

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