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Journal of Addiction Research

DCHQ and Basij signs Memorandum of Cooperation (MOC)

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The Secretary General calling the MOC as the beginning of an intensified capacity to effectively addressing and countering the drug problem, added: "I hope the great nation of Iran see the results of this MOC in the short and long term.

Dr.Momeny explained briefly that social harms including drug addiction is one of the important issue that the Supreme Leader emphasizing to follow up. According to the MOC it is planned to establish number of 10 rehabilitation centers in 10 provinces with 4,000 capacities in the fields of addict maintaining, treatment, harm reduction and social protection.

 In this ceremony, Ghulam Hossein Gheybourvar, commander in chief of the Basij said the Islamic Revolution should not infect by undesirable harms. He pronounced that social harms results in internal disintegration.  
Basij Commander added "that the drug problem is a dynamic rather than static problem. Hence, nowadays we are dealing with drugs that did not exist 20 years ago, the problem constantly changing. For example, synthetic drugs which can be produced in the most basic kitchens of residential units are more dangerous than traditional drugs.
Brigadier General Gheybourvar ensured a leap forward in the field of counter-narcotics by the jihadists efforts and the new management in the DCHQ.