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Journal of Addiction Research

International Community must act based on

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The Principle of Shared Responsibility to counter the World Drug Problem

 Dr. Momeni said in a press conference this morning: The DCHQ is an intergovernmental body whose main tasks are policy-making, planning, interaction, coordination, and monitoring. The DCHQ has identified priorities that we intend to materialize them by cooperation with DCHQ members, other relevant bodies as well as people in order to reduce the drug harm that itself is the source of much other harm.

He added that international cooperation is one of DCHQ priority to encourage the west to act their responsibilities based on the principle of shared responsibility to countering the World Drug Problem.

The secretary general continued: Iran is at the forefront of the fight against narcotics and has dedicated about 4,000 martyrs to the International Community. In 2001, drug production in Afghanistan was about 200 tons and now at the beginning of 2019 it has reached about 10 thousand tons.

He expressing the country's location in terms of main trafficking routes originating Afghanistan destined to the West, added that Iran is combating this problem with all its means and capacities and does not distinguish between Iranian and non-Iranian young people. Therefore, other countries should accept their responsibility and give their share in this global problem.  

He emphasized that supply reduction is one of the other important priorities of the DCHQ in which law enforcement agencies such as police, intelligence, the Revolutionary Guards and Customs are engaged to prevent and fight against drug trafficking.  We have recently decided to intensify our deterrent activities at the sea, the border, the desert and the depth of the cities, more.

The Secretary General announced one of the short-term priorities of the DCHQ is to organize, collect, treat and rehabilitate street addicts. According to estimates, we have between 50 and 60 thousand street addicts all over the country, of which about 15 thousand people are in Tehran, and we hope that by the end of this year (21 mach 2019) we will be able to collect them all over the country. Of course, some of these addicts suffer from a variety of diseases that require treatment, so DCHQ has already coordinated the problem with the Ministry of Health, in this regard.

Dr. Momeni added "Treatment continues to be a priority, but one of the most important hidden capacities is the prevention, because when it makes true, demand is reduced indeed and the community reaches to internal deterrence and protection. Protection should be created within the family. Families should know that once consume some of the drugs, lefts no returnable way. To succeed in this regard, the entire community, especially families and cultural institutions, such as education ministry, reference groups and news media should help.

Secretary General said, "When we talk with young people who have been abusing drugs, they reply that for fun and only once, while we were offered to use drugs, due to non familiarity to “Say No” skill, we were addicted. In this way, constant coordination and empathy among all governmental sectors can be effective in drug use prevalence. He also explained the prevalence rate among women (0.06% ages between 15-64 of female gender) and the second high school students (2%). He alerts that we should teach the "SAY NO to Drugs" skill among students. He added that DCHQ and Ministry of Education have already singed a MOU in this regard.

Dr. Momeni explained that the source of many diseases such as HIV/AIDS and crimes including robbery and murder originating narcotics drug. Also 55% of the causes of divorce in the country happen due to addiction and about 70% of the country's prisoners are drug-related crimes. Drug and drug addiction is the first concern of Iranian people, based on the survey conducted by various agencies. According to the precise research that has been done, 11.7 of the country's gross national product spends to combat drug trafficking and its imposed causalities, which can be used to develop the country in terms of sanctions.

We need to combat the drug problem based on main strategies through systematic and target- oriented approach. These strategies are aimed at preventing, collecting addicts and treating them. When it comes to priorities, it's about the long-term and short-term priorities. These priorities are very effective in building a sense of safety and security in the community. We all say that we are fighting drugs, but as long as people see addicts in parks and other public places, it is hard to believe by the people.
The Secretary General called on people, institutions and organizations, schools, universities, artists, athletes, academics and the media for contribution and cooperation in the area of supply reduction and prevention for more significant successes.

In response to a question pointing out the need for cooperation between all the organizations in the fight against narcotics and street addicts, he said: "In the meanwhile, we were able to increase the capacity of the centers for maintenance (shelters) of addicts. In coordination and cooperation with the Prisons, Basij and other related organizations about 5,600 capacities added to the current capacity of centers, during this short period, in Tehran alone. I believe that this capacity is sufficient for the maintenance of drug addicts in Tehran. DCHQ will supervise all centers.

The secretary general said: "We have to persuade all the governmental sectors for more cooperation, based on people demands.

In response to a question about the drug traffickers' turnover and DCHQ stances, Dr. Momeni explained that we are investigating for identification of the property of these people with the aim to block their financial incentives. Fortunately, there is good cooperation with the judiciary system in these regard, but in some cases, we need to amend the rules for more effectiveness.

On drug trafficking and money laundering, Momeni also said that these are the economic crime and the Ministry of Economy and the Central Bank are investigating and suing the suspects and we are also helping them in drug related money laundering cases.

He also referred that the DCHQ budget will not diminished in 1398, comparing to this year.
The Secretary General emphasized that one of other priorities of the DCHQ is NGOs contribution in harm reduction. About 2000 NGOs are active in the country, but they are not all working at the same level, and we are trying to increase their capacities by 20-30%, in the next year.

Dr. Momeni expressed that there is a very wrong perception that" the Gol (Cannabis with high THC)” does not make addiction, while it is a hallucinogenic substance; it causes very severe physical and emotional harm.
Secretary General in regard with drug cybercrime said: DCHQ and Cyber- crime Police have a good and close cooperation.

At the end, the Secretary General declared: "People are required to call number 110 about drug trafficking crime and number 09628 for drug treatment and consultation.

DCHQ:1 January 2019