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In your opinion what is the most important approach to combating drugs?

Treatment - 25%
Opposition - 16.7%
Legal - 25%
Prevention - 33.3%

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Journal of Addiction Research

The second Moscow Anti-Drug Ministerial Conference took place on Thursday in Moscow

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Delegations from over 50 countries and organizations discussed ways to combat drug-related crimes in central Asia, especially the large-scale production of heroin in Afghanistan and its spread around the world.

Attentions were also paid to the establishment of new institutes and mechanisms to consolidate global cooperation in the alternative development of regions where drugs are produced.

Viktor Ivanov, chairperson of the conference and director-general of the Russian Federal Drug Control Service, said international effort is essential to address the issues of drug-related crimes in central Asia.

"We have established three cooperative programs with our Chinese counterpart to combat drug-related crimes. Another special project was also launched by the two sides last week to jointly combat these crimes," said Ivanov.

World Drug Day on 26 June

Drug Control In IRAN

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